14 Jul 2014

Testimonial – Marc H. Stone

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When my mother passed away nearly two years ago, I was left to make order out of a home (filled from basement to attic) of antiques and artifacts that were collected over a 60-year period. Having little knowledge in this area I was smart enough to realize I needed help. After a great deal of research I came upon Lisa Lowy and Lorie Hart of L&L Estate Liquidation and Appraisal Services. I knew that a large part of the collection would need to be auctioned. Lisa and Lorie carefully organized, inventoried and catalogued everything. They researched each item (there were several hundreds) and assigned an estimated auction sale price. I was very impressed at the quality of the report. The next step in the process was to contact auction houses. They contacted more than a dozen major auction houses from New York to candidates, we sent them the catalogue that Lisa and Lori had prepared (not including the estimates). Upon receipt the auction houses were all very excited and subsequently were anxious to negotiate better terms in order to win the collection. After several rounds of negotiations, Lisa and Lorie came back with an auction agreement with our top choice at incredibly favorable terms. There is no question in my mind that the hard work they did in inventorying the collection led to this favorable outcome. Over the next two months they coordinated everything with the auction house ranging from pickup and delivery, scheduling, reserve pricing, etc. With Lisa and Lorie’s help, the auction house catalogue included a tribute to my parents (and their collection) that will serve as a treasured memento for our family for many years. This past February the auction was held and we could have not been happier. Over 98% of the merchandise sold, at terrific prices. After coordinating the return of the few unsold items, they organized an estate sale at the house that was very successful. Again I was very impressed with how much preparation went into the sale and how professional it was. They did a great job! Over the past two years I have come to know Lisa and Lorie quite well. I can comfortably endorse them for the professionalism and the quality of their work. Perhaps most importantly I can endorse how easy they are to work with. They return phone calls, respond to e-mails and provide a level of service that is increasingly rare in the modern world!

Sincerely, Marc H. Stone