Value Visits

Home Walkthrough Appraisals, Ohio

Peace of mind. Sometimes you just need to know what something is worth. Should you sell it, give it away or throw it away? Whether you are cleaning out grandma’s basement or thinking of having a garage sale, knowing the value will help answer these questions and give you and your family peace of mind.

When you schedule a Value Visit, two qualified appraisers come to the home for one hour and will inspect any items you have questions about. They will give you a verbal estimate of value and any other important information about the items.

Home Appraisals - L&L Estate AppraisalsSo how does Value Visits work? Easy!

  • Schedule a one hour visit at your home or wherever the items are located.
  • Two qualified appraisers will arrive at the appointed time ready to inspect your items.
  • During the one hour visit, the appraisers will offer verbal (nothing written) estimates of value for each item they inspect.

At the end of one hour, you can either choose to continue (time permitting) or end the session.

What’s the cost for Value Visits?

$200.00 an hour

Why wait? Schedule a Value Visit today at 440-773-4664 or 216-470-7002. Your peace of mind is worth it!