10 Nov 2012

Testimonial – Jim Calco

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I was executor for my cousin’s large estate. The will forced me to liquidate the entire estate and I was fortunate enough to find Lisa and Lorie. My concerns that the liquidators would descend on the house and sell off the contents without concern for the family’s feelings were soon shown to be unfounded as Lisa and Lorie proved very respectful of us and the items my cousin had acquired over his lifetime. I was pleased to see that, not only had they displayed the small sculpted figurines in a very professional manner, they also had researched several of the pieces and had prepared information on them and the artist who created them. The day of the sale I saw Lisa, Lorie and a staff of friendly, knowledgeable helpers virtually empty the house. After the sale, I was given a list of charitable organizations in which items that did not sell (could be donated). Lisa and Lorie also handled the sale of several items of art via an on-line auction house, packaged the artwork and shipped it to the new owners. Lisa and Lorie are knowledgeable, dedicated and respectful. I was kept apprised of progress and the kept to the promised schedule. I cannot recommend L&L Estate Liquidation and Appraisal Services (actually Lisa and Lorie) highly enough.

Jim, it was a pleasure working with you too. L&L takes pride in not only respecting the family’s feelings but also respecting the item’s belonging to the estate. L&L never “buys out an estate” after the sale, as we do not have a warehouse, storefront or any other businesses that would benefit from such a purchase. We work 100% for our clients. We will consult and customize a personalized plan that will be most beneficial for the estate.