22 Oct 2013

robert indiana loveAs I tossed and turned last night I decided to comb through my emails and found I had been sent a link “At Home And In The Studio With Robert Indiana“. Immediately one of my favorite Pop Art icons came to mind, Robert Indiana’s “LOVE”. I don’t know what it is about seeing these simple stacked block letters that instantly makes me feel happy and peaceful. Is it that I am a child of the 60’s and I just simply relate to smiley faces, peace signs, tie dye, Beatles and everything “LOVE”? (or should I say “love love love”?) Is it that the “O” tilts and is slightly different than its three other friends? Perhaps it is that little different “O” that stands out from the others and represents so many of us who are a little “different”. What exactly is it about that different tilted “O” that screams out and grabs our attention?

Robert Indiana felt that his iconic “LOVE” was actually his downfall. Overexposed, and not properly copyrighted he never achieved the success or the record breaking auction prices as his contemporaries Warhol, Lichtenstein, or even Rothko. But Mr. Indiana…. perhaps your contribution is far larger and longer lasting as your “LOVE” is symbolic of a generation full of self discovery and freedom.

I wonder, could that “O” be suggesting “My differences make me interesting, by working together we can be extraordinary!”

Enjoy this wonderful interview “At Home And In The Studio With Robert Indiana“. And be sure to check out the mommy and baby kangaroo!!!