11 Sep 2015

The True Value of Priceless Antiques

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I feel so often we are the bearers of bad news.  “Priceless” family heirlooms passed down which are supposed to be worth a fortune, or at least “that is what my mom told me”, are actually not worth much on today’s market. When we impart this truth we immediately see faces fill with expressions of heartbreak and confusion as family members hear the words of their loved ones played over and over in their head….”Remember, this will be worth something one day!”.

There are of course the exceptions, those really rare fine exceptional pieces.  Those pieces scream out “I am the best of the best!!” when compared to the mounds of average antiques we see daily. What a pleasure it is to find one of those exceptional pieces and be able to give good news to the families. That is really fun!

This wonderful article further explains today’s antique market.  Remember, just because something is old… doesn’t mean it has high value.