29 Sep 2015

Renoir discovered during Insurance Appraisal!

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During an insurance estate appraisal L&L discovered that one of the prints in the clients collection was an original Renoir. Mr. Levy was thrilled with this discovery and was gracious to send us this wonderful testimonial:

The Renoir is (finally) being framed… I am reminded that I have never expressed to you our appreciation for your efforts in our behalf.

We learned a great deal from you through the process.  It has informed our understanding, made us aware of things we did not ever think about, and provided incentive to take some appropriate actions.

Throughout the process your willingness to help us understand the various pieces and your conclusions about them, your professionalism through the process, the excellent report with pictures that you provided us, and the care with which you approached everything you did was first rate.

The Renoir was particular challenge.  You gave of your time and your knowledge in helping us sort it out.  Jame (conservationist from ica art conservation) was helpful in my understanding of what she, and we learned from the restoration.  While not the ‘bell ringer’ that it might have been, it is a cherished piece and will be treated accordingly.

Thanks once again for all of your efforts.  If you ever need a ‘referee’ to convince a client that you are the ones to work hire, feel free to have them call on us.


Stan Levy