22 Oct 2014

Instagram… as an art form?

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Social media comes in all shapes and sizes and it is here to stay.  My daughter is presently taking a college English class where instead of writing papers in the traditional manner taught in schools, she is told to incorporate audio or visual techniques when communicating her ideas.  Technology has presented us with a whole new level when expressing ourselves.  Teens and Twenty-somethings get it and they simply embrace it.  Reminds me of the late 60’s – 70’s where everything was psychedelic, fresh and there were unlimited possibilities of self expression. Although a different time, it is a time of change.

Have you ever been on Instagram? People posting quick snippets from their lives. Perhaps a way to share a beautiful once in a lifetime vacation, reunion with family or friends, or just a fun silly moment in life. Sometimes life gets so busy and taking the time to talk to friends and family can easily slip away. Social media is a great way to “keep in touch”. It also can be pretty voyeuristic…

The Cincinnati’s 2014 FotoFocus Biennial decided to use Instagram as the focus of the show.  20 “Fotogrammers” made up of prominent biennial guests and members of the arts community were asked to post two photos a day to #FotoFocus2014, along with random visitor participation. During the opening weekend they streamed 100 of the most recent photos on LCD flat-screens around the city. The art was consistently evolving…

What do you think of Instagram as an art form?  Does it encourage you to take a chance and try your hand at creating, experimenting or even sharing? Do you find it intimidating or a nuisance?

Here are some of the images from the show… enjoy

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