02 Oct 2014

Keeping Up With the Art & Collectibles Market

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It has been a few busy months for L&L! Always working on staying current in the collectible and art markets we recently attended the Foundation for Appraisal Educations (FAE) seminar in San Francisco at Michaan’s Auctions. We were fortunate to hear a wonderful talk on contemporary Chinese Art by Susan Lahey of Eastern Art Consultants. It is a booming market and one to definitely watch! Allen Michaan gave a phenomenal presentation on Tiffany Glass. Have you ever had the good luck to see any Tiffany stained glass in churches around America? Just BEAUTIFUL! Mid Century Modern remains HOT!!! Steve Cabella of Modern l gave a fun presentation that completely motivated me to continue my hunt to find treasures from the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s.

Then we were off to Chicago to attend the (ISA) International Society of Appraisers Fine Art Course, as we pursue our next Accreditation from ISA. One of the most beneficial aspects to the week was touring a printshop in Chicago. Prints can be an overlooked medium so it is especially imperative to remain up to date on the latest artist trends. For instance, we saw a fabulous print that reminded me of the bold black and white sweeping lines of a Franz Kline painting, BUT… it was created via drone! Yes DRONE! Can you imagine the artist sitting on a comfy couch in the luxury of his home while controlling a drone at the printshop?!?! It was fantastic!

Lorie and I were especially fortunate to have been invited by Brady Dreasher, Curator & Consultant of Mid-America Fine Arts Gallery to attend the Chicago Expo. We both were extremely excited and grateful to Brady for getting us in opening night! The Expo is where you see firsthand the latest trends and styles of the contemporary art market. I was surprised to see that my “old Pop Art friends” (in my dreams!) Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, amongst others were so heavily represented at the Expo. One artist that I found extremely innovative was Vik Muniz. His photography/sculptor is exciting. Inspired by pop culture he uses various objects (diamonds, trash, Hershey’s syrup…) to create the very recognizable images. His work is really fascinating. One other artist I have to mention is Tony Oursler, who always makes me smile with his use of video/fiberglass. Tony Oursler

… now back to work….