17 Feb 2016

5 Things to Know About Street Art

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Street Art!!

As a huge fan of Pop Art, I love bright colors, funny and introspective themes, smart commentaries on contemporary issues and off beat quirky topics. Kitchy will stop me in my tracks. An artist who can visualize, imagine, create and relay perhaps the obvious or not so obvious in an entertaining way is brilliant.  When I say entertaining, I by no means mean one must agree, laugh, or feel pleasure from what they are viewing.  Art is about invoking some type of emotional response from its viewer. To get you to stop and think, even for a moment.

It all started with Graffiti and has evolved into Street Art which has taken art to yet another level. Artists today can express themselves by using technology, social media, video painting and endless other medium forms. This is by no means is a fly by night art form as you can see by the estimates Christie’s has placed on pieces in their First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art auction on March 4 in New York.

5 Things to Know About Street Art is a wonderful and informative article I think you will enjoy.