01 Jul 2014

Testimonial – Debby Phoenix

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Lisa made a home visit as I had tons of questions about items I inherited and accumulated over the years. She was thorough and knowledgeable as we walked from room to room. Many of my questions were answered about various items including lamps, furniture and glassware. However, the best part of the visit was when Lisa researched some items and I finally found answers as to their worth. I had considered donating these items to Goodwill at one time. I would highly recommend contacting Lisa if you have any questions about items you have and you are not sure of their worth.

L&L is thrilled to helped save Debby from donating some her very valuable possessions. Inherited or accumulated items can have tremendous sentimental value but can easily take over a home, BUT before you throw out a potential treasure…. call L&L to come and give a verbal estimate appraisal. What is your piece of mind worth?!?